Bubble Show Program Overview

Shows are usually 45-60 minutes long. They can be for all ages, or be tailored to specific age ranges from preschool to college level. Shows can be ‘just for fun’, or be packed with scientific value without losing the ‘fun’ element.

Aspects covered, using actual bubbles as visual aides, include:

What is a bubble?
What makes bubbles pop?
Bernoulli  and Venturi Efects
How do airplanes fly
Can you make bubbles with just water?
What is an atom? A molecule?
Molecular bonding—atoms & molecules bond in the same way as magnets.
Surface tension, what is it and how to reduce it.
The physics of soap and water molecules
Soap films
Minimal surface area, why are bubbles round?
The colors of bubbles.
Can you see sound waves in bubbles?

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